Direct IP connectEdit

The built-in feature of LF2 allows two computers to connect to each other. However, one of the computers, the "waiting" one, has to act as a server, which comes with complications.

How do I find my IPEdit

The IP you are searching is not the one displayed by LF2. This is only the internal IP which will be useless if you are not playing in a LAN. A common way to look up the IP address is to go to websites which show it. Even when you sit behind a router, the router IP should be displayed and this one can be used to connect to you, because your router passes all necessary information to you.


To play Little Fighter 2 online without any additional tools you need to open the port 12345 TCP in all of your firewalls, which includes Windows Firewalls, router firewalls and others you might have activated. If you do not know how to open ports, you should look into port forwarding.


Experience shows, that playing this way can slightly enhance the speed of the game.


VPN (Virtual Private Network)Edit

It is possible to use many different VPN softwares to connect without opening the required LF2 port. A few examples are: Hamachi (using rooms/networks up to only 5 players), Wippien(using contact lists and jabber) and Tunngle (using rooms/networks up to 255 players).

LF2 LobbyEdit

LF2 Multiserver (LF2MS)Edit

LF2 Multiserver is a command line tool by Ayalx, developed to allow up to 4 computers or players to connect.

It is using the same port as LF2 and has to be run before you click network game in the LF2 main menu, otherwise LF2 will use the port and LF2MS will not work properly.

The user can enter the number of player (2 to 4). The tool then waits for the players to connect to the host machine. LF2MS requires the players to connect in a certain order. Players need to set their controls to the first, second, third or fourth player according to the connection order. They should enter the names of the other players too, because there are read locally and will be wrong if not entered correctly.

The host can connect locally entering nothing, 'localhost' or '' in the connect to opponent field.

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