Reboundable Projectiles

  • John's Energy Blast
  • Fire Ball
  • Ice Ball
  • Dennis' Energy Blast
  • Dennis' Chase Ball
  • Woody's Energy Blast
  • Davis' Energy Blast
  • Jack's Energy Blast
  • John's Energy Disk (although it can only switch teams if it's rebounded by Energy Shield)

Heavy weapons and baseballs can be rebounded as well. Other weapons can be stopped with an attack but cannot hit after.

Unreboundable Projectiles

  • Arrows
  • Shuriken
  • Palms
  • Deep's Energy Blast
  • Henry's Super Arrow
  • Jan's Chase Ball
  • Justin's Energy Blast
  • Bat's Laser
  • Bats
  • Firzen's Cannon
  • Firzen's Chase Ball
  • Julian's Skull Blast
  • Julian's Soul Bomb

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